I am alive

But just barely.

My head is stuffed with thick, sticky goo. I have gone through two boxes of tissues. I can’t sleep because when I lay down I can’t breathe.

Not breathing? Yeah, that sucks. (I’m sure you knew that already.)

I have a feeling that the sinus infection I had a few weeks ago, compounded by picking up Ruby’s flu/cold, are resulting in a general draining of my head. (I’m trying to be grateful. It sucks to have all that crap jammed into your facial cavities, let me tell you.)

Theraflu rocks, in case you didn’t know that already. The lemon kind with some sugar tastes like hot lemonade, and it starts to work while you’re still drinking it. Not enough to make me feel human, but enough to make my head stop pounding and to make all that nose blowing productive. Ricola honey and herb drops are very nice as well.

So is a husband who makes you Theraflu in the middle of the night, and remembers to pick up Thai noodles for you.

I promise I haven’t dropped off the planet. But I have no creative juice at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

*sniff, sneeze, blow*

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One response to “I am alive

  1. You’re lucky to have a thoughtful husband 🙂

    Hope you feel well soon!

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