I Should Have Known

Yes. I should have.

I should have known that my ickiness the other day was my old friend.

The period flu.

What is up with that anyway? I’ve never heard of anyone else getting the flu for two days every month before their period. Have you?

Headache, body ache, chills, just general yuck.

Two days. Every month. Since I was 14.

So the moral of this story is that my period started early. Which means I didn’t have my homemade pads ready. And I’m not ready to whip up a whole supply, since my first attempt didn’t work real well. (A pad that slips around upside down on your panties is not a good thing, IMO.)

I did work on a pattern and cut out enough fabric to make four pads.

I was pretty excited actually. I figured flannel for a moisture-proof barrier, then cotton flannel for the rest. I wanted to make an envelope, with a folded insert.

Unfortunately I didn’t get it right. I made the top, which is supposed to be two overlapping pieces, not big enough. And I sewed it on upside down.

So. Pfft. I wanted to try it out, but I didn’t want to waste a snap. So I safety pinned it on.

The result?


It’s bulky. Sitting in my chair, I feel like I’m teetering on it, if that makes sense.

I’m going to have to keep working on this.



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4 responses to “I Should Have Known

  1. Are you making pocket pads? I’m not really familiar with that pattern, so can’t provide much insight. When I made mine, I used PUL (you can get it on ebay super cheap) for the bottom layer, which is waterproof. I made 2-3 other layers of microfleece, which are absorbent and extra soft without being too bulky.

  2. Penny Saver

    Makes perfect sense.

    I have a Diva cup, which I love like crazy, and a bunch of Glad Rags, which I am less enthusiastic about. I guess I need longer coverage than they provide. They work well for me as a panti-liner, though. I have a few home made ones that a friend gave me, and they’re okay too, but I can’t use them alone.

    The Diva cup, though, I wholeheartedly recommend.

  3. Laurie Holcombe

    I too get sick every time around my period. I can count onit like clockwork. It wasn’t always this way but has been sincve I had my last child ten years ago. I hate it. Doctors don’t believe me. I wish someone would and tell me what to do.

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