At the thrift store last week, I found a pair of size 13 knitting needles for fifty cents.

I bought them on a whim. Since, you know, I don’t know how to knit.

I had this gorgeous ball of yarn that I’d recycled from a wool sweater. The colors, forest green, ice blue, and turquoise, might be my new favorite combination. They’re so rich and lovely.

So last night I searched Google and found this set of directions for casting on, and for knit stitch. I love the directions because the pictures are clear, and the directions don’t assume I know anything I don’t. I’ve been crocheting since I was 8, when my Nana taught me, but I have never knitted. I’ve tried to learn before and just couldn’t get a rhythm down.

Last night I was determined to figure it out.

And I did!

It took a minute to get the hang of putting the right hand needle into the stitch right. Sometimes in the beginning I would somehow end up with the stitch on the left being too tight to fit the needle into. And the more I tried, the tighter it got. After a few rows though, I figured out how to hold the needles so that the stitches didn’t tighten up.

Knitting is fun! It takes more concentration, of course, than something I’ve been doing for thirty years. But there is a real satisfaction in seeing that knitted fabric grow from the bottom of the needles. And knitting is so different from crochet. The fabric it makes is stretchier, softer. (I did know this already…but it was fun to learn it first hand.)

So why ouch?

Because I got carried away.  And I think I got Knitter’s Wrist? Knitter’s Thumb? I don’t know if it has a name. But my right hand, from my thumb to my wrist HURTS. A lot. I also rubbed a raw spot on my right pinkie.

My left hand is fine. But my right hand is in full rebellion.

Has this ever happened to you knitters?

I’m so excited to bring this cute skinny scarf with me to Vermont in April.


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3 responses to “Ouch

  1. Amy

    I haven’t hurt my hands knitting…yet, but my left shoulder gets achy if I sit and knit for too long. I am just learning to knit. I have taken a couple of classes from a wonderful lady who runs our local yarn shop. I have attempted two knitted washcloths in the past couple of weeks. Let’s just say I still need a lot more practice! Good luck with your knitting 🙂

    • I think the hard thing for me is that I’ve been crocheting for so long that I don’t have to give it a lot of attention while I’m doing it. And I have to really concentrate on knitting! But that’s cause it’s knew. I’m actually loving it.

  2. My grandmother taught me to knit as a child and I adore it. I’ve had an off again on again sort of relationship with it and every time I start up again, I get that wrist ache and rub my fingers raw with the yarn. But eventually I remember how to knit more effectively and my hands get used to the slipping of yarn and everything is precisely wonderful!

    Welcome to the joy that is knitting. (Says the girl who doesn’t like to crochet, though both mom and husband prefer it.)

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