WFMW: Getting a Style

When I go to Vermont in April, I’ll be traveling by plane, train, and automobile. Oh, my.

That means I do not want to lug more luggage than I need to.

The dorms have laundry facilities. But really, I should be able to put together a little wardrobe that I can carry in my rolling suitcase, and then a carry on bag for a computer, book, notepad and pen…whatever I need for all those travel hours.



So I decided I need a style. A uniform. Something that is easy to put together, mix and match, and not too bulky. (No prom dresses then. HAHAHA.)

I think I’m going to go with jeans, t-shirts, and cardigans. Easy. Breezy.

Okay, I never claimed to be a cover girl.

I saw this at the Anthropologie website:

$118 for a cardi is definitely not my style. But how hard would it be to find a striped cardigan on eBay and sew some lace to it? I think it’s adorable.

I also love these shoes:

$13 at Payless is way more my style. And they’ll go with a lot.

So my plan is to buy a couple of cute cardigans. I have my eye on one or two on eBay. And let them be the basis of my school uniform. I have some jeans I really love. I do believe new shoes are in order. (But that might just be me talking myself into things.)

But guess what I really, really, really want. More than anything.

I want to get my nose pierced.

I did last spring, and it didn’t work out like I wanted it to. The girl went in at a weird angle and the post kept falling out. I went to the local guy here to have it re-done, and he messed it up, too. So I am nose-ring-less. I miss it. But I’m not going back to the local guy. And I’m not going anywhere out of town before I travel.

So pfft.

Maybe just tossing it out there to the universe will make some way to get it done magically appear?

That would so work for me.

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5 responses to “WFMW: Getting a Style

  1. I LOVE when you see a cute idea that you can recreate- those lace cardigans are cute! Yay for Target and Old Navy for cheap clothes! 🙂

    I love payless shoes 🙂

  2. I love those shoes…I saw them on the commercial and melted!! I am going to pick them up sometime soon. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  3. Ruby

    Loving this post, all great ideas, that is my uniform for sure, but you inspired me to zip it up a little bit more, I can do better! Lovin the shoes, too, gonna have to snap those up today!

  4. Love those shoes, been looking for gray shoes!!
    Target has some cute floral ballet flats right now too. Anthro has wonderful pieces, but OH MY!, the prices!

    • I have ridiculously big feet. A size 12. I can’t buy shoes at Target, which pisses the hell out of me sometimes because they get some pretty cute shoes in. I have noticed though, that without Gluten, my feet seem to be shrinking. My shoes fit me way looser. So maybe I can go back to an 11? I would be so happy. Big feet don’t actually bug me. I’m a tall girl, almost 5’10”, and I think I’d look silly with little feet.

      I’m going to email you tomorrow Jenni. I’m so tired right now I feel like I’m dying. *HUGS*

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