Grocery Round-up

The two-week case lot sale starts next week. As a result, this week’s flier is…well…weak. And we’re still trying not to buy too much. We’re doing well with it. We’ve spend much less than $100 per week for three weeks! Here are the highlights from this week’s flier.

  • Oranges 3 lbs for $1. (Ruby adores oranges. A lot. It’s nearly the end of the season, so I think we’ll stock up on these. That’s a great price. I’m hoping when our mailed flier comes, our ‘platinum’ status gives us an even better price.)
  • Whole grain pasta 99 cents. (This isn’t a bad price. But I don’t know if next week’s case lot price will be better. They usually don’t have whole grain pasta on the case lot at all, just the store brand white flour stuff. I think we’ll wait until we get the flier for that sale before we make a decision.)

Would you believe that’s it? I told you…a weak flier this week.

More grocery round-up here.


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