Valentine’s Day Party, Ruby Style (and giveaway results)

For whatever reason, Ruby got super excited about Valentine’s Day this year.

I’m sure it had something to do with her grandma buying her some Sponge Bob valentines when she was visiting two weeks ago.

Probably also because, now that she’s 5, she can write her name, “Momma”, “Daddy”, “Sister”, “Nicky”, and “I love you.” So we have lots and lots of handmade valentine goodness going on here.

(See Daddy’s mustache? How cute is that?)

She wanted to have a party. I mean, she got so very excited about having a party that is was the topic of conversation from the moment she came home from her visiting. So we had a party.

Threading Light offered these lovely, lovely (and free) printable valentine mandala’s. We printed out a few and Ruby spent some time with them.

Daddy bought some special cookies and some red streamers (which decorated the doorway, hippie bead style) at the grocery store, and we were all set! The day called for a special princess dress, of course.

My day was filled to overflowing with love.

In other news: chose comment number 34 for the giveaway winner. Jessie from Openly Balanced is the winner!


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One response to “Valentine’s Day Party, Ruby Style (and giveaway results)

  1. What a fun little Ruby party you had there. I love what she did with the mandalas and her daddy’s mustache. Thanks for sharing!!


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