The Plan: Month Two, Week Six

Six weeks into the new year already. Almost impossible to believe, isn’t it?

I’m finding myself super excited lately. I feel a creative energy that I haven’t in a long time. I don’t know if it’s the inspiration I’ve found writing this blog, or maybe just feeling healthier without gluten. Maybe it’s knowing that in six more weeks I’ll be in Vermont at my Goddard residency. Maybe a combination of everything.

I’m itching for Big Change, and having to settle for little, intimate changes. When I can let myself take a breath and examine the little changes, they are just as exciting as throwing backpacks and a tent in the car and moving to Seattle this weekend might be.

I want a Farmer’s Market. But I’m learning that even a rural, local grocery store has possibilities for ethical eating.

I want to own a small farm. But I’m learning that working the kinks out where we are will make where we end up that much sweeter.

I  want to work from home. But I’m learning that things happen in their own time.

Here is my progress toward monthly goals this week:

  • Self-care (Bake one batch of perfect Gluten-free cookies.) I still haven’t ordered flours. I keep hoping there will be some way for me to get them without paying shipping. I tried making corn tortillas with masa today. Um…I think I need to keep practicing. And to buy a tortilla press.
  • Frugality (Don’t waste any food for the month of February.) We still haven’t had to throw any food away. I’m really, really loving taking my wooden bowl to the cold storage every morning and picking through the food there, pulling out what we’ll need for a day or two. Checking my apples for soft spots, my potatoes for eyes.
  • Simplicity (Figure out three stressors in my life, and three ways to minimize them.) Still haven’t done this.
  • Sustainability (Buy higher-quality, ethically-sound meat and eat less of it. Also, continue to participate in the One Small Change challenge. This month’s change is to use natural, homemade cleaners.) I didn’t buy any meat at all this week. I’m really looking forward to whenever we can get to the grocery store out of town so we can buy some ethical meat. I’m thinking it might be in April when I come home from residency, and Kevin has to pick me up from the airport.
  • Life-long learning (Make a project out of the fantastic book I have to review for you (I’m such a tease!) and review the book.) I’ve been a sewing maniac. I went to the local thrift store today and got this god awful light double knit dress. It was really not good, except that the fabric (white with little grass green pinstripe and polka dot) was fun and very springy. So I cut the thing in half, and suddenly had a cute top to put in my Etsy store, and a sweet little A-line skirt for myself. I’m so proud of myself!
  • Joy  (To earn enough from freelance writing to pay my $250 fee to Goddard that’s due on Valentine’s Day and to pay for my plane ticket to Vermont for my residency in April.) I made $150 this week. My dad is going to buy my plane ticket, which takes a huge load off. I’m such a lucky girl. (We’ll pay him back when I get my financial aide check at the end of the residency.) We did a lot of thinking and talking and planning with regard to financial freedom this week.
  • Forgiveness (To practice thought-stopping techinques (visualization especially) when I find myself getting in a loop of anger over something I should have forgiven.) Still just working on separating myself from the problems at my job. I’m a good counselor. If people 250 miles away need someone to pick on, that’s their issue not mine.
  • Housekeeping (Complete my February challenges!) Still working on it. We’re planning a clean-a-palooza tomorrow and Sunday ’cause our landlord will be here Monday morning.
  • Career (Write for pleasure two hours a week.) Looking forward to another writing session on Sunday.
  • Spirituality (I’m going to look for an online UU community.) I still haven’t done this. What is making me resist it?
  • Relationships (Write a letter to mail to each of my brothers and sisters during this month.) Spoke to a couple of my brothers, still working on the addresses.
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