Live Once Juicy: The Etsy Store

Okay. I’ve listed enough things in my store to feel like it’s up and running.

I have so many more ideas, and only so many hours available. But I’m happy with how it’s looking. Plus, I got two conversations while I was putting up the listings from people who added me to their treasuries. How exciting is that?

I’d love any feedback or thoughts. Here are a few pics of things I put up today.



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6 responses to “Live Once Juicy: The Etsy Store

  1. Stephany

    Your Etsy store looks great! You wrote fun descriptions for each item, and your photos are perfect. I don’t have any suggestions, except to ask if you can add more items. I am looking forward to your blog about organizing your food pantry. I greatly enjoy reading your blog. You write with a sense of humor about life, and you always include something helpful. Whatever you choose to do in your future, I hope it always includes writing.

    • Thank you so much Stephany. I really need to hear that. I will be putting more items up each week. I have an entire room filled with vintage stuff and lots of ideas for little handmade things.

  2. Penny Saver

    Yippee! I’m excited to see that you are going confidently in the direction of your dreams, as Thoreau would say. 🙂 And the little face scrubbies? Awesome!

    If I were not on a spending hiatus, I’d grab those right up. Maybe we could barter for handmade loveliness?

  3. Yep, love the color and the good descriptions of your stuff. Such fun stuff and personally….I think you shouldn’t put too much out at one time because even if it is great…it can be overwhelming to look through a big list.

    • Hmmm….interesting. Most people on the Etsy forums say the more in your store the better for sales. Do you think that my categories are good? I mean, do they narrow it down enough? I know that I won’t look for my size through a huge list of stuff. I don’t even like to do that at the thrift store. I’ll just skip it.

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