Thursday Afternoon at the Internal Homestead

(I’m having a giveaway over here.)

I’ve decided to make this a weekly post.

That’s just how much I love Thursday afternoons.

I am so glad to be done with the work half of my week, and on to the home half.

I have a policy. I don’t complain about my family. Especially not my husband. Does he make me nuts? Yeah. Sometimes. My kids, too. Sure, they might hear about it from me, I don’t spread it around to other people, you know? I don’t tear my own house down.

I’ve decided that maybe that policy needs to extend to my work. Maybe I need to stop tearing my work house down. I complain a lot (at home) about my job. I wake up four mornings a week and groan. I have to fight back tears almost every morning when Ruby wakes up just before I leave (before the sun is up almost) and says, “You don’t have to work today, Mama, right?”

And then her big brown eyes widen and her bottom lip pops out when I tell her I do, and how many days it is until Thursday.

I love Thursdays. But maybe if I stop complaining about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday they won’t be so bad after all. See that, it’s only three days (I work on Thursday, too, of course. But it’s Thursday, so it never feels like as much of a chore.)

So while I love Thursdays, I’m going to make a conscious effort to stop whining about my job and to find something positive in a hard situation.

(I’ve always worked, by the way. It’s not the work that makes my week miserable. It’s an almost (but not quite) intolerable work condition, exacerbated by a deep desire to work from home.)

So today starts the internal homestead part of my week. Our landlord is coming to visit us Monday for the first time in three years. He’s bringing us a new washer and dryer, which is totally random as our old ones work just fine. This is actually sort of  exciting, because it’s a really great motivator for my February The Plan theme.


Here is what’s happening at the internal homestead this weekend:

  • My fabulous mother-in-law has sent me some cotton flannel in the mail (six yards!) and I have a super-secret project I’m so eager to work on. I’ll share it with you when I have it all done. Hopefully by Sunday, if the package gets here tomorrow.
  • I only have enough flours to make one more loaf of gluten-free bread. I have drug my feet on ordering more of the little bags of millet and sorghum flours from Bob’s Red Mill direction (Amazon doesn’t carry them shipping free or they would have been bought long ago.) The shipping is nearly as much as the flour itself. Yuck. I’m going to call the grocery store tomorrow and see about them placing an order for me.
  • We’re half way done with our food storage inventory. I’ll post pics as soon as it’s done. I’m aiming for Saturday.
  • I’m determined to weed out the clothes (at least mine and Ruby’s) this weekend.
  • I’ve done a lot of thinking about money and the plan to save $3000 (which has been utterly derailed by school fees.) I’ll post about that tomorrow.
  • Wrap all those apples in newspaper (and pray that it isn’t too late. They look good so far though.)
  • Write a review of a super amazing book.
  • Prepare our taxes.

I’m really loving the idea of the internal homestead. I think there can really be the perception that in order to have a DIY, self-sufficient lifestyle you have to live on 40 acres with livestock and a grain field. I’m convinced that homestead is a mindset, or an attitude, rather than a place.

And it seems to me that this internal homestead might be what gets us though whatever is coming in an unsure future. Reducing dependence on systems that are proving to be unreliable, truly understanding where our food comes from even if we don’t have the acreage to grow it ourselves, learning nearly-lost skills so that they aren’t forgotten. All of these things matter.

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