Thursday Challenge: Romantic

Meet my husband.

He has worn that Disneyland shirt at least once a week since I bought it for him at a thrift store.

Almost eight years ago.

He doesn’t give me flowers.

It never occurs to him.

He does bring me chocolate sometimes (like today when I was having a horrendous day at work and he stopped by with Almond Joy on his way to work. We wouldn’t have seen each other otherwise. That bites.)

So what is it about this picture, with a silly look on his face and that ridiculous t-shirt, that made me think romantic?

Because in this picture he’s figuring out how to make an even cut in foam board because I had the idea to make a doll house for Ruby for Christmas.

This is what he does. (Just ask Ruby. Anytime anything is broken/stuck/ripped/stained, she doesn’t worry. She just says, “my Daddy will fix it.” With utter confidence.) He listens to my ideas, and then some time later he figures out a way to bring them to life. Without a lot of fanfare.

Like when he came home one day, about a week after I said, “let’s make Ruby a doll house”, with an armload of foam board and a new craft knife.

Be still my heart.

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2 responses to “Thursday Challenge: Romantic

  1. I never got any flowers from my husband too but like your husband, he’s always there to do something for me and the kids. 🙂

    Nice take on romantic! 🙂 Happy Thursday.

  2. Your story wins my heart. What a great guy and a picture that captures him in action.

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