Grocery Round-up

(Hey, hey, I’m having a giveaway…)

I really love that Kevin is friends with one of the managers at our local market, and that he gets a sales flier over the weekend instead of on Tuesday when the prices roll over. I have no real idea why this tickles me so much, but it does.

We’ve been shopping in season and local-to-the-West-Coast since the first of the year. It’s working well so far. We have a good deal of the 80 pounds of apples and 45 pounds of potatoes we’d bought for storage left. The last couple of weeks, the sales haven’t been spectacular, but it’s been okay because our pantry is stocked.

Here is what stood out to me from this weeks flier:

  • Fresh asparagus for $1.79 per pound. We don’t like frozen or canned asparagus, but love love love it fresh. If this is grown on the West Coast, I’ll just get enough for a meal or two.
  • Russet potatoes for 69 cents per five pound bag.
  • Pears for 89 cents per  pound. This is a good deal, and I’d like to buy a case.
  • Whole chickens of the brand that I feel most comfortable buying (Just Bare Chicken), $5. This is a good deal, half off.
  • Frozen vegetables for 74 cents. I prefer fresh veggies, of course, but frozen is my second choice. I’m not sure if I’ll take advantage of this or not.
  • Cage-free eggs, $2.19 a dozen. This is a fantastic deal as I just spent $4 for these this week. I’ll probably stock up on at least four dozen.

More grocery round-up here.



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2 responses to “Grocery Round-up

  1. Dana

    how long does 80 pounds of apples keep good and how do you store that?

    • I think it depends on how cold you can keep them. If you give them perfect conditions, they can keep all winter. I’ve had mine for about three weeks, and they’re fine. We’re eating them fresh everyday, and I’m watching them daily for when I need to do a marathon applesauce session.

      We’ve probably eaten 1/3 of them (my kids really like apples, and I’ve used them in recipes.) So if they last another month or so, I’ll be happy. Then the softening ones will be sauced.

      I have mine stored in an unheated laundry room that we don’t use for laundry. It’s at a fairly constant 40 degrees, which is a little warmer than optimal. Also, as it warms up for spring the apples will ripen much quicker.

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