Menu Plan Monday

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Kevin and I did some work this weekend getting our food storage organized and inventoried. It feels so good to make progress towards this month’s goals. I get real, deep-down satisfaction from having in black and white, on paper, concrete proof that my family could be well fed for the next three or four months without any grocery shopping.

Also, next month our local store will have it’s semi-annual case-lot sale. We save up for six months and have a blow-out shopping experience twice a year. On top of good prices, our loyalty card lets us spend our points on a 25-percent-off coupon for a whole shopping trip. This is the trip.

This time, in March, we’ll be super organized. We won’t be driven only by something being on sale. On top of the things that are officially on sale during those two weeks, we can use the 25 percent off  to stock up on seasonal produce, meat, and other items that aren’t otherwise on sale but that we’ll use. (Like Bob’s Red Mill flours, which never go on sale, but will be with our coupon!)

While I was cleaning out and arranging our chest freezer, I found two big packages of bone-in chicken breasts that I don’t even remember buying. I decided to pull those out and boil them, then shred the meat to use this week. I’m also planning two vegetarian dinners.

  • Those green chili tacos, which didn’t get made last week (When I get around to making this, I’ll post the recipe. They are soooo good.)
  • Three bean chili (vegetarian and pantry eating) with cornbread
  • chicken enchilada bake
  • Homemade chicken and GF noodle soup (this is a first time thing for me, I’ll let you know how it goes)
  • Poorman’s Dinner with the rest of the polish sausages I bought last week. (If you haven’t watched Clara’s Youtube show…you must. You won’t be sorry, she’s amazing.)
  • Memphis pizza (my very very favorite, I’ll post a recipe.)
  • One more…maybe breakfast for dinner

More meal planning goodness here.



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7 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I’m impressed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ephemere17

    LOL I’m having brinner (breakfast for dinner) also this week. DH loves when we have it!

  3. Do you have a recipe for the three bean chili? I would love to try that.

  4. Penny Saver

    You’re right, Clara is awesome! I love her Depression-era stories. The one about a neighbor digging up her garden – I am just not that forgiving.

    I hope you’ll post what you get with your discount! 🙂

  5. Penny Saver

    And now for something completely unrelated: you have Sark’s Succulent Wild Woman in your amazon links, and it is one of my favorite feel good books! My friends thought I was kind of crazy at 20 wanting to have succulent wild woman parties, but maybe my friends now will understand the idea a little better. Who doesn’t want to be more succulent?

  6. I love Clara! I am so glad her family has made those videos and shared them with us! Makes me miss my Grammas!

    I wish our grocery stores had regular case lot sales. Our used to in the late summer or early fall but they either didn’t have it this year, or I missed it. We are running low on canned vegies and tomato sauce. I refuse to pay almost a buck a can!!! I will get what I can on the loss leaders when they offer canned vegies 2/$1, unfortunately, there’s usually a limit of 2 cans.

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