PhotoHunt 199: Average

I have two daughters. Two out of three. That means, I suppose, that on average my extraordinary children are girls. On average, my girls are both sweet-tempered, ultra-creative, and mild-mannered. Both of these girls are free-spirited free-thinkers, but outwardly they are calm, cool, and collected. (Most of the time.)

Yep. This guy? He broke the mold.

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3 responses to “PhotoHunt 199: Average

  1. Average is such a tough photohunt theme. I’m amazed you managed to pull it off with your kids.

    • I went back and added extraordinary, because I thought…oh man, people are going to think I’m calling my kids average! And they so are not (the world is flat full of extraordinary kids isn’t it though? So maybe it’s pretty average for a momma to think her kids aren’t average.)

  2. Nothing average about today’s kids. I really enjoyed your very above average take on this difficult theme.

    Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog

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