My Favorite Breakfast (And a No Weigh Update)

(I’m having a little give away here.)

So I made my favorite breakfast this morning. And as I sat eating it, Dr. Oz was on. He was interviewing Carney Wilson about her weight. And as I’m watching this, I’m thinking–this woman has been dieting since the fourth grade (she said so, and I could feel her pain.) How can this doctor not see that putting her on yet another diet isn’t her solution?

The woman had her stomach stapled in front of the nation. Diets clearly haven’t worked for her.

Know why? Because she’s addicted to food. Dieting is her trigger. I tell my meth/alcohol/marijuana addicted clients to stay busy, make big life changes so that they aren’t spending all their time focused on their substance of choice. I tell them that choosing to let thoughts about their drug linger is the same as choosing relapse.

So why do we tell women (and men) who clearly have food obsessions or addictions that the answer is to spend all day, every day tightly focused on food? We ask them to make even more food rules. We expect them to do everything that triggers their addiction. And then we call them lazy when they relapse.

I haven’t weighed myself in almost two months. There are moments, when I get that old panicky, can’t-breathe feeling. Like my fat is choking me. (Do you know that feeling?) But I do what I tell my clients they must do to get better. I physically stop the thoughts. I say ‘NO’ out loud, I take a breath, I get through the anxiety. It passes. It always does, if you give it a chance. Acknowledge and let go. It works.

So the Carney Wilson segment is over. Dr. Oz had her dump a bunch of potatoes and red meat and real maple syrup into a big trash can. He had a tough-love lady tell her that her 60-extra-pounds isn’t baby weight. She’s fat because she eats too much. (Yes, that was what was said.) She was given a pedometer (and a second one was tossed to her husband in the audience, so that she couldn’t make any excuses) and told to walk 10,000 steps a day.

Carney Wilson, according to Dr. Oz, has borderline diabetes. She had a pretty aggressive surgery to correct this problem years ago (the stomach stapling) so this news visibly upset her. And of course, the physical dangers of obesity aren’t something to ignore. Just like the physical dangers of drug or alcohol addiction aren’t something to play with. But just like you can’t show an alcoholic their liver-test results and toss their husband the keys to the liquor cabinet and expect results, you can’t tell someone who weighs 100 or more pounds MORE than they did before they started dieting to diet some more and expect good results.

I’m lucky. I don’t have any obesity-related health problems. (Not so lucky that every time I do have a health concern, it’s blamed on my weight without any real thought.) But if I did–even if I did–I know deep down in my soul that doing the same thing that’s gotten me to this point isn’t the answer. It’s actually kind of insane, right?

Okay…my No Weigh rant is over. Thanks for listening!

Onward to my favorite breakfast.

Corn tortillas are kind of a lifesaver to someone who is gluten-free. I consider them my sliced bread. Sometimes I just   heat them up quick right on my oven burner and eat with peanut butter. It took me a long time to figure out how to cook them in oil without ending up with a greasy mess.

Figure it out I did, though, and I’m sharing the wisdom! This recipe calls for cheese and salsa. This is a fantastically versatile technique though, and you can use anything on the inside. It’s actually a little soft-fried taco shell, so of course you can stuff it with taco stuffing.

Cheesey Corn Tortillas

  • 3 corn tortillas
  • 1/2 T olive oil
  • salsa
  • grated cheese

Start by heating a dry frying pan to medium-high (maybe a little closer to high than medium.) You want it good and hot before you start cooking.

Once you get started, this is a quick moving recipe, so lay everything out ahead of time. Put the oil in a little bowl and get a brush out. Have the cheese and salsa handy, too.

Once the pan is hot, put a tortilla down into it and lightly brush the top side with oil. This is going to be the inside, so be very light with the oil. Just a touch. Flip and be a little more generous with the oil on the other side, which will be the outside and needs to get a crunch to it.

When the side that’s down in the pan has started to just lightly brown, flip again. Put cheese and salsa on half of the tortilla. (Don’t go nuts on the cheese, or these little tortillas won’t hold it all. I think I use about 1 or 1 1/2 tablespoons.)

Now fold the tortilla over in half. You want to do this before the bottom side gets too brown, otherwise it won’t be flexible anymore.  Just push that tortilla to the side and you can get started on a second one.

Cook the folded tortilla until both sides are nice and crispity.

Three of these little lovelies and an orange makes a good filling breakfast. On the weekends I might have two, but add eggs. Some refried beans would make this a great brunch-y breakfast. Sour cream on the side is very nice.

For a long time when I realized that gluten was a no-no for me, I really mourned a couple of things. PB&J was one. Crackers or French bread with soup was another. When I have soup, I use the same brushed-oil technique to make some plain heated tortillas. They give me something yummy to dip with, and don’t leave me feeling at all deprived.

More recipes here. And here. And here.



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15 responses to “My Favorite Breakfast (And a No Weigh Update)

  1. gluten is in peanut butter? I’m so sorry. That would be really hard for me. I bet it’s also in cheese too.

  2. I am going to ponder your comments about food addiction and diets today. I think it makes alot of sense. When I am doing the famous weight loss program WW, all I can think about is food! How soon can I eat again? What can I eat, what shoud I eat?
    I am happiest when I just try to use moderation in all things.

    • This is going to sound like I’m just agreeing with myself, but I’m shocked by how quickly my obsessive thoughts about food have disappeared since making a real concrete decision to stop dieting for the first time since I was 10. I’m not all the way there yet, I still have moments where I get the old panic or where I tell myself I can’t have something. I have a problem, still, with binging (slightly, nothing too severe) when I eat sugar. But I know it’s because I am having a hard time turning off the sugar-is-a-bad-food switch in my head. So when I have a bite of it, I want all of it since you know, I’m never going to eat it again. But I’m getting there. And it feels wonderful.

  3. et

    If you heat the tortilla under a lid you can get by with a touch of water instead of oil. Easier clean up, too.

  4. Being a weight-loss counselor, I know this is a bit strange, but I agree with everything you said. I think many women here (in the U.S.) have an addiction to diets. When I become a registered dietitian (assuming I get into school, fingers crossed), I really want to work on counseling women to end the obsession with dieting. I love food and am pretty happy with my relationship with it (most of the time), but it took me years to get to this point. Ironically, I think that weighing people in every day and seeing how obsessed people get with the scale has been part of why I’ve started to care less about being a perfect size.

  5. Jean

    I think you were right on the money w/your comments re: food obsession/addiction.

    I have the opposite problem of you – I can’t eat corn! trying to figure out is gluten is a no-no for me, too… 😦

  6. Interesting point about how dieting could actually trigger an over-eater to relapse…I had never thought about that!

  7. I thought that was a great idea on brushing the corn tortillas with oil. I will do that when I make enchiladas. I missed the dr. oz show but, I feel for that poor woman carnie. It is hard loosing weight especially after having a baby. Some of us just weren’t born to look like skinny minnies and its okay. Being healthy and loving life is more important.

  8. I thought your idea on brushing oil on the corn tortilla was great. I will do that when making chicken enchiladas. I feel for poor Carnie. It is hard to lose weight after having a baby. Some of us were not born to be skinny minnies being healthy and happy in life is more important.

  9. I thought your idea on brushing oil on the corn tortilla was great. I will do that when making chicken enchiladas. I feel for poor Carnie.

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