Grocery Round-up

I have a giveaway going on!

Gah. I forgot my grocery round-up for this week.

Know why? Because it’s waiting for the weekend. We’re going to Vegas to pick up Ruby and spend the night with Kevin’s mom and dad. That means we get a variety of grocery stores. That’s always a little exciting.

Our pantry is pretty well built-up right now, so we’re eating from it until then.

In Las Vegas, we’re going to stock up on organic, grass-fed, ethical meat. I’m trying to bolster myself for how expensive it’s going to be, by reminding myself that not everything can be about paying the least for the most. There are other costs involved here. I don’t want to be a vegetarian, for one. And it’s fair to pay a fair price for food that doesn’t make me queasy to think about.

My very favorite store in Las Vegas is Sunflower Market. I’ll be headed there. Here are some highlights from their sales flyer.

  • Organic winter squash for .99 cents per pound. I’m going to stock up, because this stuff stores well and is delicious.
  • Organic red and yellow onions for .89 cents per pound. Another stock up.
  • Bulk walnuts for $3.99 per pound.
  • Organic bulk quinoa for $3.49 per pound. (I looked for this in Elko, and the cheapest I saw was $7.99 per pound!)
  • Bulk dried apricots for $2.99 per pound.
  • They have spare ribs on sale for $1.99 per pound. I am hoping (hard) that they are a brand that I feel comfortable buying from. I’m going to call before we go.

I’m not sure what else we’ll get. This feels like some kind of  culinary adventure.

More round-up here.


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