Menu Plan Monday

We’re headed to Las Vegas next weekend to pick up Ruby, who has been visiting her grandparents. We normally meet Kevin’s mom about 100 miles closer to Vegas at a gas station in a town that basically is only a gas station and a surprisingly good restaurant (when we dropped her off, we stopped there and I had green chile tacos that were amazing. I’m going to try making them this week!) But Kevin’s dad’s birthday is this week, so we’re going all the way and spending the night.

Which means that next weekend I’ll have access to grass-fed meat and cage-free chicken. And gluten-free flours.

So, we’re doing a pantry week this week for the most part and saving our money for next week.

Here’s what’s on the dinner menu:

  • Those green chile tacos. I will definitely post a recipe.
  • Roast chicken with spinach rice
  • Chicken enchilada bake
  • Au Gratin potatoes and salad
  • Tuna burgers and baked fries
  • Corn pasta with sauce and salad
  • Bubble and squeak (with tonight’s left over mashed potatoes and canned chicken.)

More menu plan Monday here.



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2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Bubble and squeak? That sounds fun, will you post your recipe?

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