The Plan: Month One, Week Four

January, as I’m sure you know without me telling you, is wrapping up. My focus for the month was self-care.

I spent most of them month feeling like something that got hit by a truck and then dragged a round the neighborhood for a while. Face first. Detoxing from gluten and having the sinus infection from hell at the same time made for an interesting month to say the least.

I’m feeling much much better. I still have a little bit of sinus pressure happening, but it’s so much less that it’s hardly worth mentioning. Let’s just say I’ve never been so grateful for a runny nose in my whole life.

I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that the gluten detox had something to do with the sinus infection. I doubt it caused it, because Adrienne and Kevin both had them. But mine was about 1000 times worse, and I believe that was due to my body trying to push the bad stuff through a compromised system.


I had all these lofty self-care month thoughts in December. I was going to explore herbal cures and plan a medicinal herb garden. I was going to start exercising–not to lose weight, but just to get the blood flowing. I was going to do a lot of things.

Turned out that all I had the energy for was getting better.

It turned out that food played a huge part in my self-care month. I feel like I’ve made really good strides toward being gluten-free for good. I’ve learned that it’s not about giving things up, but about exploring food in a different way. I haven’t felt deprived this month. In the past, when I tried to go gluten-free I resented every minute of it.

I’ve decided that I hate the term gluten-free. It just sounds like deprivation. Like sugar-free, it sounds like the food should have gluten in it, but because you’re a poor sap who can’t have it, here’s second best. I don’t know what it should be called, since I actually need to know that a food doesn’t have gluten in it. But something that reflects that gluten-free isn’t lacking something. It’s just different. In a delicious way.

I also feel like I did a lot of work this month toward breaking my dieting mindset. I haven’t weighed myself all month. I have been very aware, however, of all of the media input that tells me that I should be trying to lose weight. Nearly every commercial break has at least one weight-loss-related ad, magazines are filled with the message, even the anti-dieting book I read had a subtle message that the goal of not dieting is to have a ‘sexy body.’ Being aware of the blitz of information telling me constantly that I’m not ok the way that I am has been eye-opening.

When did I give a bunch of people I don’t even know the power to tell me what I should look like?

Oh right. When I was eight.

Because I wasn’t feeling well, there are some mini-goals that I haven’t completed. I have this weekend, and I’m going to do what I can. But the beauty of The Plan is that it’s low stress. No pressure.

  • Frugality: Make a master grocery list and start a price book.

I still haven’t done this. I plan to work on it this weekend.

  • Simplicity: List three time and energy drains, and three ways to improve each.

I have a posting planned for tomorrow regarding this goal.

  • Sustainability: Use $10 of each week’s grocery budget on stock-up foods.

I met this goal in spades. I’m coming out of my skin waiting for Sharon to post her next Independence Days. I might have to just move on without her!

  • Life-long learning: Have Kevin help me make a duct tape dress form.

I was far too ill most of the month to stand with my arms out for a couple of hours so Kevin could tape me up. I’m hoping to get this done this weekend. If not, this goal will just move to February.

  • Joy: Earn $100 per week from freelance writing.

I’m a little behind, but plan to get caught up this weekend. I need to earn enough to give Goddard College $250 by the 14th.

  • Forgiveness: Write work problems out in a letter that may or may not be sent to my boss.


  • Housekeeping: Declutter living room and front porch.

Not even started. Another one for the weekend.

  • Career: Finish read-through on Devil You Don’t and send to publisher.

Nope. Not even close. I’m just going to have to chalk this one up to my goals being bigger than my free time.

  • Spirituality: Find a UU forum.

I am committed to doing this on Sunday.

  • Relationships: Call Carol.


I’ll be posting a January final post on Sunday, and then a post on Monday with February’s theme and mini-goals.



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2 responses to “The Plan: Month One, Week Four

  1. Mary

    Loved your post, especially the part about the term gluten-free making it feel like you’re being deprived of something….maybe they could call is Gluten Be Gone!
    I use a master grocery list called Supermarket Smarty that really helps me get organized and stick to eating healthy (it highlights healthy foods). Good luck with your weekend mini goals!

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