Cultivating Skills

We got our grocery sales flier in the mail today. It’s a little different from the one Kevin gets early from his friend at the store, because we spend enough to be “platinum” members (at least $75 a week.) I was super excited, because the apples that I thought were 69 cents a pound are only 48 cents a pound for us.

On Wednesday I’ll be heading over to talk to the produce manager about buying four 20 pound boxes.

Those 80 pounds of a apples represent a conservative 250 pieces of fruit. According to Putting Food By by Hertzberg, Vaughn, and Greene, apples stored properly will last about 6 months. That’s about 10 apples per week, or two for each of us.

I’ve never stored fresh food like this. Between the 45 pounds of potatoes I have in my laundry room, and these apples–well, I guess I’ll be learning.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far: Apples and potatoes don’t play nice together. We rent both sides of a duplex though, with a door in the middle,  so we have another unheated laundry room. This one even colder, because we don’t actually use the washer and dryer or go into it during the day like we do the other one. This room is perfect for storing apples in a box, each wrapped neatly in a sheet of newspaper. Nearly freezing.

And if some of those apples go soft, I’ll be learning to make apple sauce.

Knowing what to do with surplus food, and how to handle it when it comes along, is a good skill to have.

I’ve been thinking lately about my skills, and skills that I want to learn.

My Nana taught me to crochet when I was 8. I’m good at it. I have tried teaching myself to knit and just haven’t caught the bug yet. I want to learn.

I want to know how to grow and preserve herbs to use for medicinal purposes.

I want to learn to make soap and candles.

I want to be self-sufficient. And that doesn’t begin and end with growing all our own food. It’s about figuring out how to do things for yourself that you might hire someone else to do. And about learning to make the most of the resources available to us.

We don’t have an apple tree in our yard. Yet. But we can take advantage of apples that come along if we learn how. That way, when we do have our own we’ll be prepared.

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2 responses to “Cultivating Skills

  1. Don’t forget apple butter which tastes great over pancakes….

    Have you done gluten free pancakes yet?

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