One Small Change

I love this.

One of my favorite blogs is Openly Balanced. I read there today that Hip Mountain Mama is having a super cool to-do from January to Earth Day. That blog is encouraging people to make one small change a month and blog about it, and then have a big round up blog-up on Earth Day.

I love love love how the blogging community works. People you don’t know, people you probably would never know, making a difference. Pointing out the good stuff. Guiding like minds.

Are you a like mind? Wanting to make a difference, but maybe feeling overwhelmed at all that needs to be done to stop the runaway trains named Peak Oil and Climate Change (or Melting Icebergs, or Overfilled Landfills, or whatever your trains might be named.)

It’s scary. But if we band together, a skill bloggers have in spades, we can make a difference.

I found out about this late, but I’d already made a change in January.

My first small change is to change my produce buying habits. I’m used to buying whatever is on sale without real thought to when or where it was (or should have been) grown. Since I’m not far from Mexico, tomatoes are often on sale in the winter. Red peppers and pineapple are being offered at my local grocery store, where outside it’s 15 degrees if the sun is down and snow is on the ground.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of thought to understand that something isn’t right about that.

So my first small change, one I plan on carrying through the year and really for ever, is to do two things:

1. Buy seasonally.

2. Buy produce grown in the Western US.

I’d love to shop only locally. That can’t happen until we move, unless we start eating a diet that consists nearly entirely of alfalfa and apples until we get a garden going. There isn’t any real local food grown in Nevada. When we move to Washington, we’ll be updating part two of this small change.

What about you? Are you up for one small change. Will you share it?



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2 responses to “One Small Change

  1. Oh, I have been thinking about this post for days, now. I am wanting to make so many changes for the positive this year that all fall along these lines, but many of them, like “bring home less plastic,” are a bit vague; and others, like “buy seasonal foods” I am not sure I will stick to as much as I should if I am making it a formal blog-vow. ; ) I mean, I DO want to buy local, in season food–but then currently there are gorgeous little tomatoes for sale at Costco that are actually ripe and so, so yummy, and here I am trying to get more raw foods into my diet but am allergic to so many of them that tomatoes seem like a necessity even in January. . . well, at least they are grown in the US–in WIllcox, AZ to boot! You see, I can rationalize a lot of such decisions, so it has been hard for me to think of one specific choice I am going to make, and stick to, for the rest of the year.

    So, I think I will just have to pick the vague one: I am going to be really careful about buying things that are plastic or have plastic wrappings (like those wonderful Costco tomatoes. . . sigh) this year, and as I use things up around the house that are in plastic containers (shampoo, hand soap, honey, etc., I will not replace them with plastic unless I cannot find a good, natural, fairly frugal plastic free alternative.

    So far so good! (Now I just have to think of 3 more changes. . . )

    Thanks so much for blogging about this!

    • Hmmm…I would jump on tomatoes grown in AZ. It’s possible that it’s warm enough there to grow them in a greenhouse or with row covers, right? And it’s in my criteria of buying things grown in the Western US. Right? Right? Oooh…I see your point so well.

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