Grocery Round-up

I’m liking this new way of doing Grocery Round-up. It was super helpful to me this past week.

The plan, for those just joining in on the fun here at the Juice, is to list the good deals from the current weeks flier on Tuesdays. I’m also going to go ahead and recap my past weeks shopping experience.

Good times!

So this past week we did some stocking up. We bought 30 pounds of potatoes (I already had 15, so a total of 45 stored.) We also picked up some baby back ribs on a 1/2 off last-day sale. I cooked those in the slow cooker and they were amazing. We bought 10 pounds of pasta as well, which will store just fine in our pantry. Most of the things that were listed as some kind of big stock-up sale, when I got there were only a few pennies off. Not good enough.

I brought Kevin with me to the store. Nice for togetherness, not so great for our bill. We always talk each other into stuff we don’t really really need. Also, he has the same sinus thing that I’ve had, so we needed some medicine. Our total for the trip was $102–$15 of that was medication and maybe $10 was comfort food (read: ice cream) for the sickies.

Here’s what’s in store for the coming week. (Is it crazy that this really does excite me? Kevin is friends with the store manager and he gives us a flier three or four days before anyone else sees one. It feels so super spy!)

  • Bone-in pork chops $1.39/lb. This is not bad. It’s under my $2.00 meat limit by a nice little bit.
  • Cameo apples $.69/lb. This is a GREAT deal for here. I consider apples a steal locally if they are $.99. That’s usually for mealy little Red Delicious small apples. These are large apples, and Cameos are nice crisp. I’m going to ask the produce manager to sell me 40 pounds. I’m a little nervous about the storage, but I pulled out my copy of Putting Food By, and I’m sure that it’s going to be fine.
  • Tangelos $.79 another good fruit deal. I’ve been able to buy oranges for $6.99 for a 20 pound box ($.35/lb) the last month or two, but that’s done for the year. I have one of those boxes left. I will probably pick up some tangelos. My kids are big on citrus.
  • Fresh pineapple $.79/lb. Great deal, but pineapple season doesn’t start until March, so I’m pretty sure these won’t be in my in season/Western US guidelines. Red bell peppers are $10/10…same deal. I bet they were both grown in Mexico. *pout*
  • 56 oz of chicken legs (not organic, but antibiotic-free) for $3.99. The regular price is $6.99, so this is a stock-up price for us.
  • 4 oz cans of fire-roasted chiles (whole or chopped.) This is a favorite, and at a good price, so I expect to stock up.
  • Pork ribs $1.89. This is the same price I paid for the 1/2 off ribs this past week. They were so amazingly good, that I think I’ll buy some more since they fit into the under $2.00/lb guideline.
  • 48 oz canola oil $2.67. I paid $3.50 or so for 32 ounces this week, which was a sale price. *sigh*
  • 16 oz store-brand (doesn’t taste bad…not the best, but not bad) salsa $1.38. This is a good price, and we use a lot of salsa.

More grocery round-up here.


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