The Plan: Month One, Week Three

I’m still not feeling 100 percent. But I am feeling considerably better than I was last Friday. Yay for antibiotics!

I’ve wondered if part of the whole feeling like a truck ran over me thing was withdrawal. The holidays around here start the end of October, on my birthday (the 28th.) I’d been doing fairly well on being Gluten-free until then. But for some reason, I decided that I’d eat what I wanted until New Years and go Gluten-free again then.


So three months of birthday cake (mine in October, Nick, Ruby, and Kevin in December), homemade stuffing, who-knows-how-many kinds of cookies, sandwiches for lunch, rolls for dinner, and toast for breakfast, and I don’t even know whatelse later, I was pretty sick.

It makes sense that getting all that crap–not just the gluten, but the sugar and preservatives, too–out of my system would have an impact. I don’t think it’s far fetched to wonder if that didn’t cause the sinus-infection from hell.

But here’s the good news. And I mean really, really good news!

I. Have. Energy!


Just yes.

I’ve been going to bed early, because I’m sick. But waking up in the morning rested. That’s so huge for me. Refreshed is a good good thing. For most of the past five years I’ve been walking around in a fog of exhaustion that was never lifted. Until I went gluten-free.

The bags under my eyes are gone, my hair has pretty-much stopped falling out, and my legs, feet, and hands aren’t bloated. I still have some tummy problems, but they’re greatly reduced. It can take up to six months for my intestines to fully heal. So three-weeks in, I’m happy with not feeling nausious after every meal.

It wasn’t until today that I started to feel healthy enough to do much more than work and do the basics to take care of my family. So I haven’t made a whole lot of progress on my other January goals. I have done some thinking though, and I’ve decided to revise a couple of goals.

 January’s Goals:

  • Frugality: Make a master grocery list and start a price book.
  • I’ve been saving my grocery fliers, but I’m floundering a bit here. I only have one local grocery store. Some foods, like GF flours, I’ll be getting online. And maybe once every couple of months I get out of town and can go to other stores. On top of that, I’ve decided that absolute frugality can’t be my only goal. So I’m rethinking my plan. A Master grocery list is still a good idea. And maybe some guidelines, like no produce over $2 a pound, no meat over $3 a pound, etc. Hmm…needs more thought.

  • Simplicity: List three time and energy drains, and three ways to improve each.
  • Look for a post on this in the next week. 

  • Sustainability: Use $10 of each week’s grocery budget on stock-up foods.
  • Doing real well on this goal. Our store is having a mini case-lot sale this week, so I’ll be stocking up even more.  

  • Life-long learning: Have Kevin help me make a duct tape dress form. 
  • Kevin has four days off this week, and I feel healthy enough to stand up for an hour or two without fainting–duct tape double, here we come!

  • Joy: Earn $100 per week from freelance writing.
  • This one has really suffered. I’ve earned some. But I’ve just not had the energy to be very creative.  

  • Forgiveness: Write work problems out in a letter that may or may not be sent to my boss. 
  • I did this. I even emailed it to my boss. She didn’t respond. This week I emailed her a friendly note asking her if she would just let me know she’s receiving my emails. No response again. She’s either ignoring me, or not getting my emails.

  • Housekeeping: Declutter living room and front porch.
  • Again, Kevin has four days off this week. We’re getting this done. 

  • Career: Finish read-through on Devil You Don’t and send to publisher.
  • Nope. Not even close. Stupid tonsillitis. 

  • Spirituality: Find a UU forum. 
  • I haven’t looked for one yet, but I plan to this weekend.

  • Relationships: Call Carol.
  • I tried, but she wasn’t home. I’ll try again this week.

    The big goal I think I’m going to revise is the $100 per week grocery-budget that is my Frugality goal. It isn’t exactly that I think I need to spend way more than that. It’s that I don’t want to make my major food focus be eating as cheap as possible. Food is what is healing me. I want to eat well. I know I can do this frugally. But I don’t want to feel guilty spending a little extra on trying something new, or on buying food that is more ecologically than economically sound.

    So here’s my revised Frugality goal: To shop in season, as locally as possible (food from the Western US is my goal), and to not waste any food. $100 a week is a good guideline, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I go over because I want some goat cheese or free-range eggs.

    In the upcoming week I plan on reviewing two books: Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise Roberts and Fed Up! Free Yourself From the Diet Trap by Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt. I also have a box of Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Brownie Mix that I will review for you. (How self-sacrificing of me, eh?)

    I’m thinking on some ways to involve other people in The Plan. In using it themselves. I’m really loving it so far. I have a natural tendancy to go overboard. To make plans with 100s of steps and rules and guidelines. And then to quit after about ten minutes when it all gets too complicated. The Plan is proving to be flexible and simple.

    Right now I have a loaf of Annalise Robert’s GF sandwich bread in my oven. I’m having a BLT for lunch. Yes. Even with a sinus infection and a stressful job, life is good.


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