Independence Days Update

Just a reminder that Independence Days is a project hosted by Sharon Astyk that focuses on food production and systems.

Here’s my update.

Plant something: Nope

Harvest something: Nope. Nothing planted means nothing harvested. Nice big wakeup, huh? Something to remember if it ever gets to the point that harvest is essential to eating.

Preserve something: I bought big 1/2 gallon canning jars to store my gluten-free flours that I ordered online.

Waste not: I ate a lot of dinner left overs for lunch this week. We throw away a lot of wasted food, and that has to stop.

Want not: I ordered gluten-free flours online. Also bought 20 pounds of oranges, which are Ruby’s favorite and are on sale right now for as cheap as they’ll be this year.

Eat the food: I made my first ever gluten-free muffins without a mix! Also figured out how to make gluten-free eggplant parmesan, which was fun and used some of the flours I’d put in the jars.

Build Community Food Systems: We made a donation to the Red Cross to help get aide to Haiti. Not exactly my own community, but the global one.

More Independance Days here.


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