The Plan: Month One, Week Two

Isn’t funny how sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expect them to?

Who knew I would spend at least the first half of my Self-Care month feeling like crap?

I’m going to the doctor today. I think I have an ear infection. It doesn’t hurt, but I’m totally deaf in my left ear. And my whole head feels heavy and … I don’t know … full. I think it’s my sinuses. I wonder if this is a result of detoxing from gluten. All the ick trying to exit got stuck? I have no idea. I just know that I feel worn down, which is how I feel if I have an infection.

There has been good this week, though.

Despite the weird ear/infection/sinus thing, my sleep has been more  restful. My energy has lasted longer in the day, too. I’ve been going to bed earlier, mostly because I don’t feel good. But when I was eating gluten my bed time had nothing to do with how rested I felt in the morning. I could sleep 12 hours and wake up miserably tired.

My hair is not falling out as much. Everyone loses some hair everyday, but when I’m eating gluten mine falls out in fistfuls. Every month or so Kevin sticks this zipper thing down the shower drain and pulls up gobs and gobs of my hair that I wasn’t able to capture before it went down. The last couple hair washings, the amount of hair lost was dramatically less. I think it’s still a little more than normal, so there is some progress yet to be made, but very noticably less. My hair also feels less dry.

Bloating is drastically reduced. For my whole life I honestly believed that having a hard belly that started right under my boobs was just how I was built. The first time I went gluten-free, and that hardness up high went away, and my stomach was soft instead of swollen, and didn’t start so high up, was a total shock. This week that belly bloating went away.

Okay here is a funny/sad story that’s embarassing, but I think it’s important for those of us who have gluten intolerance to share the real symptoms, even the embarassing ones, so that others can see themselves in our funny/sad stories. 

Adrienne knew Kevin way before I did, because he was her best friend’s dad’s best friend (whew). Apparently, at some point, my sweet girl made the announcement that her mommy farts in her sleep. Nice, eh? But the truth is that was was the truth. And it has been my whole life. I can remember being a little girl and afraid I wouldn’t ever be able to get married, because there was no way EVER I would fart in front of my husband, and the need to get rid of excess gas wasn’t optional.

I know now that my poor stomach couldn’t handle the Shredded Wheat, peanut-butter sandwiches, and spaghetti my mom was feeding it. And that I continued to feed it until I was 37 years old.

This week’s reduction of bloating is a real blessing for the man I did marry, and have been farting in bed with for seven years.

 I also have had a massive reduction in edema this week. My legs and feet, when I was eating gluten, would swell up until they didn’t look like they belonged to me anymore. I’ve always had some swelling, but after I had Ruby it reached alarming proportions. It was the swelling going away completely that convinced me that I really am gluten intolerance. There is still a little swelling, but it’s noticeably reduced. My face is less bloated too, and I can see a reduction in the bags under my eyes.

Despite feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton, and having an awful ringing in my left ear nearly constantly since Monday, the brain fog is lifting. I haven’t lost a word all week. (Since having Ruby, I have had this weird thing where I can’t think of a word. A black hole is where that word should be in my brain. It’s scary, and I’m glad to see it go.)

I haven’t cheated at all in two weeks, although I have a feeling that I’ve accidently glutened myself at least once. I did better this week than last with being very cautious about what I ate.

I have three books by Annalise Roberts to review for you this week. I’m super super excited about sharing these books with you. She has flour mix recipes that I want to try, but I’m having trouble A. finding the flours locally and B. finding an online source where the shipping isn’t more expensive then the already pricey flours themselves.

I’m also really looking forward to grocery shopping this week. After reading Shauna James Ahern’s Gluten-Girl book, I’m just feeling really energized about looking at food a different way when I’m shopping for it.

I think that the coming week is the week when I finally get the big bonus from going gluten-free. I get to feel really really good.

Progress on other goals:

  • I’ve started my price book. I have several weeks worth of grocery ads collected, and I’ve begun to glean information from them.
  • The stocking up with at least $10 a week plan is on track, and even ahead of the train.
  • I’m behind on making $100 a week freelance writing, but I plan to make it up over the next two weekends.
  • There is no way my career goal is going to be met this month. None at all. When I made that goal, I didn’t realize what a toll working full-time again was going to take on me. I’m working this weekend to get caught up on some work things, that should reduce my stress (through the roof right now) and free up more of my time, so my hope is that next week I can at least get started on preparing Devil You Don’t to go back to the publisher.

How are you doing on your New Year’s goals, two weeks in?

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