My Man (and a P.S. about Tonsillitis)

He hardly ever gets excited about anything.

This works fairly well in our marriage, since I get very excited about everything. He grounds me.

No. He doesn’t exude excitement. He won’t spend much time making plans for the future. It’s just not his style.

But he does pay attention.

When I woke up this morning, our desktop image had been changed to this beautiful picture of Seattle’s skyline.

P.S. I saw a doctor today. I have tonsillitis, and probably an ear infection. Can’t tell for sure, because apparently I have a growth in my ear canal that has gotten big enough to block my ear drum from view. I’ve had this little bump in my ear since I was a teenager. It came from years and years of daily swim team practices in cold water. But every time I’ve talked to a doctor they said as long as it wasn’t affecting my hearing, it’s not a big enough deal to risk surgery.

Apparently it is a big enough deal now.

I see the ears nose and throat doctor the first week of March, and surgery is probably on the horizons. For my tonsils too, apparently, since I’m too old for tonsillitis and those buggers should have (I swear he said this) shriveled up and fallen off by now.


Send out some healing vibes, please, that the antibiotics will restore my hearing in the mean time. Cause I’m losing my mind.



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2 responses to “My Man (and a P.S. about Tonsillitis)

  1. I hope you’re feeling better by the time I post this. How wonderful that your hubby does pay attention to your dreams. I truly enjoy watching your dreams come through bit by bit…

    • He really is wonderful. We spent a lot of time today talking about what it would take to move this summer instead of summer 2011. I think I have him convinced 🙂 I still feel like crap. But I noticed today that even being half deaf and feeling like someone’s been using my face as a punching bag, I am really really feeling the effects of going off gluten. The rest of my body (head not included, ugh) feels so much lighter and less sluggish.

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