Grocery Round-up

I actually took pictures this time!


  • Skippy peanut butter: 6 X .98= 5.88
  • Cheerios (18 oz boxes): 4 X 1.88=7.52
  • Cheese: 12 X .98=11.76


  • peanut butter (case of 12): 12.00
  • Ramen Noodles (cases): 3.00×2=6.00
  • sloppy joe sauce: 1.00×2=2.00


  • maseca: 2.78
  • corn meal: 2.08
  • butter: 2.22X2=4.44
  • taquitos (box of 50)=6.88
  • vinegar (four bottles)=3.38
  • big box of goldfish crackers=6.46
  • GF brownie mix: 3.98
  • dried cranberries: 1.68
  • big bottle olive oil: 11.72

Total: 91.94

This week was all about restocking the pantry with items that were on sale at the different stores I had access to in Elko.

It’s interesting how actually reporting what you bought and what you spent on it gets your wheels turning.

The taquitos and goldfish crackers were obviously ‘treats.’ At about $14 they were a good 1/5 of my whole amount spent for the week. I could have used that $14 to start building up a supply of high quality ingredients instead of buying processed junk that at the moment I thought we ‘deserved’ as a treat. As I bought those gluten-free taquitos, I actually had the thought that I needed them. And I believed myself.

We definitely operate under the pantry system here. Twice a year our local grocery store has a case lot sale where pantry-ish items go on a sale that rivals out-of-town prices. We also can use the points on our loyalty card to ‘buy’ a 25% off discount coupon. So twice a year we spend about $500 stocking up our pantry/freezer (we have a chest freezer). We routinely save $1000 off the full price for those items, so this represents getting groceries for about 75 percent off.

Throughout the year I stock up on items that were on sale. Like the peanut butter and cheese this week. (At home full-price peanut butter is $3.25, and doesn’t go on sale for less than $2.00 ever. I can get cheese for $2.00 a pound once a year, the week before Christmas.)

This way, we rarely ever do a regular for-the-week shopping order. We buy what’s on sale and then shop our pantry and freezer.

More round-up here.



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5 responses to “Grocery Round-up

  1. Interesting prices…they always say that rural living is cheaper but I still don’t really see how it can be. I live in an area that is still farmed despite being an outer ring of a metropolitan area and can get most places in the metro area within an hour. I think rural areas might have lower housing but most rural folks drive ALOT and food is higher because of additional transportation expenses. I wonder how it’s that much cheaper…. oh and I suppose rural areas don’t have the arts and etc events that the major cities have.

    I prefer peanut butter that has no added sugar, sadly it’s more expensive. I can get butter at $1 pound and it freezes nicely. Cheese is cheap here when it’s $1.50 a package.

    What do you use all that vinegar for?

    • I use the vinegar just for cooking. It was on sale for like $1.75 and each one had a $1.00 off coupon hanging on it, so I stocked up. They’re just those little round Starr bottles.

      I agree that in many ways rural is more expensive. At least here, because housing isn’t even cheaper. It’s maybe even higher. Because there are so few houses for rent, and being a mining town which is inherentely transient there are a lot of people who want to rent. We pay the same as we did in Vegas for our rent.

      Where it’s cheaper, at least for us coming from Vegas is in cooling. We don’t need an air conditioner here at all (we don’t even have one.) In Vegas our air didn’t ever turn off for about six months, and that only kept the house cooled to about 80 inside. It’s 100 degrees round the clock for a few months so you can’t even open the windows at night. Our power bill those months was about $600 a month. In the winter it gets very cold, so maybe three additional months you need the heat and our power bill was about $300 a month. There was like six weeks on either end where we didn’t need either. We pay about $50 a month here in the summer (three months) and $100 or so the nine months a year we need heat here.

      We also save a TON of money by not having Wal-Mart and other stores near by. It’s a 3 hour drive to Elko, which is a small city and the nearest one to us. In Vegas we probably spent $100 a week just boredom shopping. We also only get one movie every three weeks here, so we don’t go every week like we used to. So on the entertainment/junk front we spend way way less.

      Food we spend about the same, but it’s harder to. We have to be more mindful.

      How did your soup turn out? I’m making it tonight with left over roast beef!

    • We use big gallons of white vinegar in our laundry. It works really well to soften.

  2. Ohhhh I am jealous of the peanut butter lol. I am loving your site so far, I have lots more it to read though!!! Thanks for stopping by mine, Hope to get some pictures soon, I am so close to that free camera from walgreens!!!!

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