Seattle Thoughts

1. I want to be able to shop at a Farmer’s Market, or join a CSA, or pretty much get my food anywhere but a high-priced rural grocery store. Better yet, I want to grow my own.

2. I grew up swimming in the ocean nearly every day nine months out of the year. I miss the ocean and I want it back. But I love my mountains, too.

3. I have lived in the desert since I was 15. That’s 23-ish years. I want some rain.

4. My baby is five. I want her to grow up surrounded by diversity of people, diversity of thought, diversity of ideas and faith and culture. This little town? Not so much with the diversity.

5. I want chickens. And goats.

6. I want educational options for my children.

7. I want a job with health benefits. Better yet, I want to work at home and for my husband to have a job with health benefits.

8. I want to look out my window and see trees. Green ones. Tall green ones.

9. I want my husband and I to choose where we want to live, instead of just staying where our parents planted us.

10. I want to live where someone other than Kevin and I know what Peak Oil is. Where every car doesn’t have an “Any one ‘butt’ Harry Reid” bumper sticker because he fought AGAINST building a coal power plant in our county. The man has kept Yucca Mountain out of our backyard for decades. He fought against sending our ground water to Las Vegas.  He wants to preserve our fresh air? Give him a break. I want to be able to talk to someone about politics and not have them look at me like I just suggested a rise of socialism/communism/anarchy/devil worship.

I’m not sure how these thoughts pertain to Seattle, except that my intuition tells me I’ll find them there. Access to good food, the ocean and mountains, diversity, homeschool groups, rain. You can even have chickens and pygmy goats in city limits. I looked up the county codes.

Am I romanticizing Seattle? Maybe it isn’t everything my over-active imagination is conjuring up. I’ve never even been there. I’ve never even been closer than the 800 miles or so away I am now. Maybe it’s just big and stinky like any big stinky city.

Still. It feels right. If I could, I’d leave tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Seattle Thoughts

  1. Seattle is all those things and more. Seriously…every single one of the things you wanted you’ll find there. The only drawback is all the rain and you’ll freeze your gonads off swimming in the ocean. But it’s got mountains, ocean, glaciers, high desert, diversity, homeschool groups, different ideas and all kinds of good stuff either in it or very close by. Hope it happens for you.


    • yay! Thanks Gayle 🙂 I love your site, I’m so excited you came to mine lol…do you live in Seattle? I don’t need to swim in the ocean, just being near it again is enough for me.

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