PhotoHunt 195: Bulky

A couple of years ago I found a dress at a thrift store. It had acres of tulle that would cover literally every inch of the wearer from a high Victorian neck to long puffy sleeves to the floor. Whatever 1970s belle-of-the-ball wore that to prom would have looked like a big fluffy cloud.

But the dress was the most perfect ballerina pink color. And under that tulle, it had a really nice classic shape. So I handed over my $3 and took the pink cloud home with me.

It took me days to unpick a thousand stitches and remove the tulle outter layer from the bodice of the dress, revealing a simple, beautiful satin strapless top. I cut the dress in half and was left with yards of tulle. So I gathered it up and stitched it around the waist, making it a tea-length dress with a very full skirt.

I added a wide pink ribbon around waist and was so pleased with the result! So was the girl (very little girl…the dress has a 24″ waist!) who bought it for $150 from my Etsy store.

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  1. Made your wallet more bulky didn’t it? How cool is that? Great take on the theme! I love all the different ways people can approach it.
    Drop by and see mine here.

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