Grocery Round-up

I went to the store yesterday. This whole week has just been kinda screwy. Normally I go over the weekend, but I’d planned on being in Elko where there are several big chain grocery stores. Didn’t happen, so I went to our local store. Who knew that Christmas week just doesn’t have good grocery sales? It seemed like nothing was on sale. So I just bought what was, and we’ll go again because the flier for this week is chock full of good deals.

  • bag of salad, 99 cents
  • two bags shredded motzerella cheese, 3.00
  • five pound of apples, 4.45
  • bunch bananas, 2.37
  • 12 huge muffins, 5.00 (I know…I know! This is what happens when I don’t have a list.)
  • two white onions, .89
  • two avocados, 1.00
  • sour cream, .89
  • cottage cheese, 1.25
  • yogurt, 1.80
  • 1 loaf bread (NO bread was on sale, so I just got enough to get by) 1.89

Meh. Not my best week. And I’ll have to go back and shop more because I didn’t have a cohesive list. I’m going to have to do better than this to stick with our goal.

I can update our menu though to include chilequillas tonight and homemade pizza on New Years Day.

More Grocery Round-up here.


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