What a Day!

So this morning I dropped Nick off at his grandma’s house at the butt crack of dawn. It was still dark outside. I’m not even kidding. It was also approximately 10 below zero. That part is important.

My plan was to run to my office and do a ten minute job that had to be done this morning no matter what, then drop a package off at the jail for a client and pick up a check from them, and then come home to pick up Kevin and get on the road by 9 so that we could get to Elko by noon.

Easy peasy right?

Oh so wrong.

First, the moment I slid my mini-van down the incredibly steep and icy hill leading away from Nick’s grandparent’s house, my cell phone rang. It was my supervisor. Apparently on their end of the state they were expecting some snow so the meeting in Elko was canceled. She hoped I wasn’t already on my way.

Okay. Fine. I’ll go to work instead. I was really looking forward to a weekend alone with my husband AND a movie AND Burger King AND Wal-Mart. But whatever. Work it is.

I drove the two blocks to work, opened my office door, and knew immediately something was wrong. My frozen breath was a clue. Ten below, remember? It might have been twelve below in my office.

I am NOT even kidding. I swear I’m not. The water in the toilets was frozen solid.

I spent an hour, freezing my poor toes and nose off, getting maintenance notified, doing that stupid 10 minute job, letting the urine testing lady know that the frozen toilets that had made her life miserable all weekend would not be a problem tonight, calling in frozen-out-of-my-office, and informing the-girl-whose-last-day-is-Thursday that our office was fit only for Frosty the Snowman. Then I went home. It took fifteen minutes for me to be able to feel my feet again.

I told you. Whew.

But the day wasn’t bad. Not at all. I love when things get a good shake up. I spent the day with Ruby and Kevin, I went grocery shopping and stopped at two of the three local thrift stores and found some great stuff for almost nothing. (I’ll post some pics tomorrow.) We went out to dinner. (I know, I know, but it’s not January yet!)

The toilets are no longer frozen in my office, which means that a couple dozen people didn’t have to balance over a glacer and try hard to aim for that little plastic cup.

All in all, this day can be chalked up as memorable and exciting, and overall solidly good.


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