Menu Plan Monday

I have an absurd week this week. Tomorrow early Kevin and I are heading out of town so that I can do a training for work. My work is putting us up in a nice hotel, so that will be fun. We rush home on Tuesday because Adrienne has an interview for a job at the local library. The girl I have been working with has quit her job, affective on Friday. That means that this is her last week and starting the next week I’m up to 32 from 20 hours a week. I’m stressed beyond belief about this whole situation–but I’m prepared to handle it with as much grace as I can muster. I have to work like a mad woman on Wednesday and Thursday because I’m out of town on Monday and Tuesday. And then the whole New Year’s thing at the end of the week–whew!

Monday: Nick will eat with his grandparents. Adrienne and Ruby will eat leftovers from tonight (which was rice topped with stirfried cabbage and ham…delish!) I’m sure that Kevin and I will be eating out somewhere. I get a per diem for meals, so the plan is for both of us to eat in that budget if we can.

Tuesday and Wednesday: The one great thing about travelling is that on Tuesday morning before we head home, I get to go to big grocery stores. More than one of them! Yee Haw! I have no idea what I’ll buy, as the fliers aren’t out yet.

Thursday: Our family New Year’s Eve tradition is to have an appetizer day. We’re going to make a crock pot Rueben dip, pineapple cream cheese dip, pickles and olives, a veggie tray, and stuffed mushrooms. I can hardly wait!

Weekend: This is the starting date for my elimination diet. Poor kids. They’re either going to have to fend for themselves for a few days, or else eat allergen free with me. My plan is to make up some food during the weekend that I can take to work with me. Lunches out is among the worst of my st ruggles, mainly because I’m too rushed to make food in the morning. I’m thinking stirfries with rice, cabbage, fish, lamb (if I can make myself try it), and maybe some nuts and other veggies would be safest. After the first four or five days,  lots of stuff has been added in and things are closer to normal.

Sorry, I know this isn’t exactly a precise menu plan. I promise that starting next week I’m going to be thinking this out more. This week is just going to be–insane. I won’t be able to post tomorrow, as I’ll be out of town. See you on Tuesday night!

I will be able to post about my big city grocery shopping adventure. We may go over $100 if the prices are especially low, but not much because we just don’t have it right now. I know I’ll be stocking up on some gluten free stuff while I have the chance.

See more menu plans here.


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