The Plan: How To Make $339.24 While Watching Reruns of Law and Order

My house is filled–right to the brim–with books. I love books. I buy them cheap, at thrift stores and garage sales. There are times when we are all in danger of being transplanted by books from our home.

So tonight I sat down and took a look at the bookshelf that is my January housekeeping goal. And I took an armful of books from it and with a little research found This is a really cool site, where you type in the ISBN number from any book and it searches 30 different sites that buy books and gives you a comparison.

I had no idea that there were ANY sites that bought back books. I really hate listing on Amazon or because I HATE all that shipping. It was very interesting to see that some bookstores would buy a book for $10 that another would only offer $2 for. So it was way worth it to wait that 30 seconds per book for bookscouter to do it’s thing.

I ended up making $339.24. And I didn’t even finish that bookshelf. I still have one shelf to go, plus three in another room, and mountains in both bathrooms (shhh…don’t judge!) and box after box in our storage unit.

I ended up selling to six different venues. They all offer free shipping, you just print out the label and tape it on. They also all pay with paypal when the recieve the books. If you don’t send the right book, or one in bad condition, they don’t pay you for it.

Bookscouter has a star system similar to Amazon, where users can rate the different companies. This was very helpful, because before I found bookscouter, I’d found one site that bought text books and had decided to sell to them. When I put the ISBNs of my text books into bookscout not only did I earn about $50 more dollars on those books, I learned that company had only one star because it took six weeks for them to pay when most other companies pay within  two.

So–I did have some college text books to see. I’d say about $150 worth. Which means that I sold $200 worth of non-text book books tonight. Here’s what I found:

1. Novels don’t do well. Not even paperback books less than a year old. The most I got for one was $1.

2. You should check everything, because there was more than one book that I was SHOCKED to find was worth $10 or $15.

3. I actually made a profit on most of the books (with the exception of the text books. There is NOTHING worse than finding out that a new edition of a text came out, and the book you paid $80 is now with fifty cents), which means there must be someway to make a little extra money from buying books cheap and reselling them to these companies. The problem is making sure you don’t spend your profit on duds. A little research should help.

Okay…I’m not exhausted and sore. This was real physical labor! But $350 richer.

I have a goal to save $3000 as quickly as possible. This is about three months of my income from my part-time job. If I can save that much, I’ll have options that I just don’t have right now. This $339.24 is going toward that. So is all the money I make from writing, and as much as humanly possible from our paychecks. I’m going to open a page to document this goal.

ETA: I have opened the page. I decided not to list the book money until it actually comes in.



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2 responses to “The Plan: How To Make $339.24 While Watching Reruns of Law and Order

  1. zest five

    Wow! This is so cool! I should start weeding my bookshelves! Thanks!

  2. Glad you found and liked Please remember to leave feedback for the merchants once they have received your books and you have gotten paid.

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