Happy Birthday, Daddy


In our family, Christmas is slightly overshadowed by birthdays. Starting with Ruby on the 8th, then Nick on the 12th, and finally Kevin today, the 23rd. December is just one big celebration around here. Tonight Kevin requested Mexican food, so he and I went to our favorite restaurant for fajitas. It was delicious.

I’ve had a really difficult week at work. I’ve been walking around in a funk really feeling like nothing in my life is working. I hate being in the place, and I rarely ever am. But I have been, hard core.

And then my husband turned 41. And I remembered how lucky I am. I have a husband who makes me laugh so hard every single day that it literally takes my breath away. I have a husband who is on the verge of calling my boss and quitting for me, just to make me happy.

I have a really good husband. How can all of my life be a train wreck when I can say that with complete honesty?

All the rest is nonsense that will work itself out somehow.


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