Just in time for Christmas Give Away!

Yesterday I posted about these little peg dolls I made for Ruby for Christmas:

I have a bunch of blank pegs–plus the paint. Give away time!

Disclosure: I’m not a professional artist. I can’t promise perfection. But I can promise up to five peggies painted to resemble your family. In order to make sure that I can get these are painted and sent out to you before Christmas, the give away ends on Friday the 18th. As long as you get back to me right away with info on your family, I’ll have them in the mail first class by the 21st.

Here’s how to get in on the fun times:

1. Leave a post here and tell me about a handmade present you’ve given or recieved.

2. Follow me on Twitter. (It’s getting boring tweeting to myself!)

3. If you don’t already belong to Swagbucks, sign up using my link over there —–> You can earn enough Swagbucks doing regular searching to get a $5 Amazon gift certificate every month or so. Signing up with my link will help pay for my school books! (thank you from the bottom of my wallet)

4. Link to this contest on your own blog.

Make sure you email me at liveoncejuicy@gmail.com to let me know you followed me on Twitter, linked to my contest, or used my Swagbucks link.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!



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25 responses to “Just in time for Christmas Give Away!

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  2. I hope I am in the right spot. But this year we are making lots of goodies for everyone like we do every year, and we’ll be doing photo frames. 🙂 Very cute family.

  3. I am giving handmade tote bags this year and silk scarves! These people are cute.

  4. Maura

    We like to give homemade gifts…this year I’m making chalk boards to give to my sisters.

  5. Jullee

    I just made a bunch of cute little felt Christmas stockings with button imbelishments. So cute! THese peg families are way cute thought!

  6. Elizabeth

    One of my best friends is one of the craftiest people I know. She also happens to be a great baker, I know, do you hate her already?! Last Christmas she made me a tin full of Sopapilla Cheesecake bars which I still rave about! They were oh so good!!! That has to be the best handmade…cooking counts right? 😉

  7. bethany

    I’m not terribly creative when it comes to homemade stuff, BUT last year, I got my boyfriend tickets to this hip hop tour in NYC. Unfortunately, the tickets were just e-tickets and sent to my email. Not REAL tickets, you know?

    So I got some permanent markers and cut out a ticket-shaped piece of heavy duty cardboard. Then I decorated it hardcore, and it looked awesome!

    That is the extent of my creativity. 🙂

  8. Heather

    This is such an amazing idea! This year I made soy wax candles in wine glasses and am giving those away as gifts. Cheers,


  9. I love to make little memory books from scrapbook materials and cut up photographs and just cover it with ripped up peices of recycled Christmas paper! I made one for my grandmother and he kept it with her always.

  10. Sarah

    I’m knitting hats for several of my friends babies this year and I’m so excited.

  11. kristen w.

    I’m not very crafty but I like to bake for my widowed neighbor. Thanksgiving=pumpkin pie
    Christmas=cookies. That’s the best I can do for “homemade”. These peg dolls are DARLING! My 3 and 5 yr. old daughters LOVE little toys. How they would love a mini family version of us!!!!!
    kristen w.

  12. I made a scrapbook for my sister once. I took a lot of time and I think hers is much better than my own. 🙂

  13. Tristin

    I usually make handmade goodies every year – cookies and ornaments for me to give to various people (friends, teachers, mailman, garbage man, neighbors, etc…) In the past I’ve made snowflakes by winding string around small balloons, covering with glue and glitter and then popping the balloons when dry, I’ve also covered cheap glass ornaments with glitter, this year, I’m making peace signs out of pipe cleaners and covering them with glitter – got to love glitter!! My daughter and I also make handmade gifts for her grandmas every year. This year it’s necklaces made out of homemade paper beads.

  14. Angela

    My favorite handmade present to give and receive is always Christmas cookies!

  15. Sarah Coulsey

    My 3 yr old son and I made my Mom a Christmas wreath out of toilet paper rolls. It looked great. I really hope I win. This peg figures are adorable.

  16. Rachel

    I’m making felt cookies and donuts for my girls and my nieces this year.

  17. Shannon Mathen

    My Grandmother is the sewer in the family, she always sews my daughter the most beautiful dresses and skirts that she and I cherish

  18. Anmarie

    When I was in grade school, we made a man’s jewelry box out of cigar boxes.

  19. Dylan Aller

    i made got a beautiful handmade scarf last year from one of my girl friends!

  20. Dylan Aller

    follow on twitter

  21. I ilke making tree ornaments for gifts.

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  23. Heidi Kratzke

    Last year I made my best friend a scarf for Christmas. She loves it so much, and it made all the time it took to create it worthwhile.

  24. Alleen Frankino-Lint

    what a nice giveaway! i received a sewing machine from my mother this past year so i decided to give it a try! i have made in the past two months for christmas gifts: a flannel blanket with appliques for each of my daughters, curtains for my mother (shhhh…), felt cookies, cupcakes and biscotti for my daugter’s lovely ‘tea parties’, a pair of my girls pajamas and some very fun plush ornaments! What fun! and such a sense of accomplishment! i am enjoying my new role as stay at home mom and being a ‘career girl’ with a new and better career! happy holidays!

  25. jen

    last year we made lots of cookie dough jars.

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