photohunt 191: undesirable


Take my advice. Don’t speed in rural Nevada. The cops don’t have anything to do but wait just in front of speed zone change signs and nab you if you don’t slow down fast enough! I got this ticket going 54 about two feet past a 45 MPH sign. I’m not even kidding. Undesirable indeed.


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4 responses to “photohunt 191: undesirable

  1. Charlotte

    lol! Perfect!

  2. Kim

    Ewwww for just two feet huh!! Will take note of that -wink- Thanks for sharing!

    Camera Critters and Photohunt Here

  3. Ouch! Not nice, not nice at all. Undesirable is right.

  4. That is uuuuuuuuuugly. NO FAIR.

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