Menu Monday

First, something interesting. Last night I pulled out my calculator and crunched some numbers. I wanted to see how much we would save by just getting rid of some non-essentials. Some of them will be easier than others, for sure, but I was flabbergasted by this list.

1. Cutting back $10 a week on what we spend on soda. $520

2. Cutting back $400 a month on what we spend on food. We’ve been spending about $800 a month at the grocery store. $4800

3. Getting rid of our storage unit. $960

4. No eating out for a year. $4000 (!)

5. Giving up ‘personal’ spending money, that for Kevin is usually spent at the casino and for me on books I could just as easily get from the library. $2400

6. Giving up my annual trip to the Romance Writer’s of America Conference. $2500

The personal money and both of the food items won’t be easy. But we can do anything for a year. One year. And we’d save a whopping $15,120. That is a lot of money. A LOT. It about how much I make in a year working 20 hours a week. It’s my year’s tuition plus some. It’s all of our debt, except the car. So yeah. We’re going to give that a shot.

This week I spent $78 at the grocery store. Our goal is to spend no more than $100 a week, for a family of five. I had $100 planned, but the store was out of chicken legs and cheddar cheese they had on a good sale, so I got rain checks. We might fill them this week, or wait until next.


1. Chilaquiles the Easy Way (see the recipe a few days ago)

2. Grilled steak, baked potato, sliced tomatoes

3. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, OJ

4. Broccoli soup and corn bread

5. Chicken and rice, sautéed spinach

6. Pintos Gallo (beans, rice, and corn…very yummy, I’ll post a recipe when I make it.)

7. Homemade cheese and olive pizza

Breakfast is very much a get-your-own affair at our house, with cold or hot cereal or toast and eggs being the winners for the most part. I usually make once big breakfast on the weekend, and will likely go with gluten-free pancakes this week.

Lunches are bagged Monday through Thursday. I have plans to bring dinner left overs. Adrienne nearly always goes with a sandwich and fruit and chips if we have them. Kevin, Nick, and Ruby are at home during the day, and Kevin oversees lunch on those days. Week end lunches are normally leftovers, sandwiches, or soup. Nothing fancy.

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One response to “Menu Monday

  1. Wow! What a good reality check. You really did something so good for your family. Congradulations!
    Your menu sounds great and on a budget!
    Kudos to you.

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