The Plan

The last few weeks have been weeks of making plans and changing things that weren’t working.

1. Nick was really very miserable at school. He can do the work, he’s a smart kid. But his brain isn’t structured for multi-tasking, and seven classes in one day was making him crazy. Not to mention that each class was so short that he didn’t have time to get settled and get much done, so he was coming home every night with homework plus most of the day’s classwork. Not good. And really, not acceptable. The kid only gets to be 15 once, who wants to waste such a great year that way? So I was going to homeschool him. But we’ve been talked into trying the district’s distance learning program. He can work on one class at a time until it’s done, then move on to the next.  Most of the work will be from home. After an IEP meeting in a couple of weeks, he may go to the alternative high school half a day a week. We’re still in negotiations.

2. Still on the school front, I’ve decided to change programs. My social work program advisor asked me a question a month or two ago that really shook me up. “What do you want to do with your degree?” The answer is–nothing. I want it to be my plan B in case I can’t make it as a writer. Just typing that out makes me see what I’ve been doing in a whole new light. Why would I put off what’s in my heart? (Mostly because my head is stubborn and lacks faith.) So I’ve applied to a BFA in Creative Writing program at Goddard College. It’s low-residency requirement means I go to Vermont for 8 days twice a year (poor me!) and then work from home with an advisor the rest of the semester. I’m so excited…this feels like an adventure. Like playing without a net. Taking the leap that I can really be a writer.

3. I’ve made some resolutions regarding my health–physical, financial, and spiritual. I’m going to put a page with my plans for the next year. Here’s what I know: I just turned 38-years-old. It’s past time I started living the life I want.

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