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Why juicy?

I’ve started half a dozen blogs. So why another? Why juicy?

My last blog…sadly…ended a sad and lonely death. It was also kind of a downer blog anyway, just mostly about weight loss and a lot of complaining.

Who wants to spend a lot of time thinking about losing something? Really, think about that for a minute. I’ve just turned 38 years old. I don’t want to spend any time thinking about losing stuff. I want to think about finding stuff. Do I need to lose weight. Yep. Do I need to focus on stuff like not eating bread cause my body rejects it? Yep. But there is So Much More.

And that more? That’s the juicy stuff. That more is what happens while I’m busy thinking about South Beach Diet. That juicy stuff is what is passing me by as I spend my time worrying about things I can’t control. I have greatness in me–we all do–it’s high time I take a bite of it.


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